Week 10

I am so very, very late with this post. First with being stupidly busy with University assignments, then going to France, one of the dogs falling ill, then myself falling ill, I just haven’t really had the drive, or the time, to write a post. I didn’t want to just post some rubbish for the sake of posting… I may have to make these more of an ad hoc kinda deal.

But here I am, writing one now!

It was my younger sister’s birthday last week 🙂 Wow. She’s 18 now, when did that happen? Seems like it wasn’t too long ago she was a kid going to school with me… well, anyway, I think she got the things she wanted, one of the new Pokemon games seems to be keeping her entertained anyway! She was given a GPS device too, since she loves Geocaching (or rather, she likes sending the rest of us into the undergrowth to get them so she can write in the book and put a new item in there, haha), shame she was feeling a tad ill though. There are three chocolate cakes in the cupboard now. Yeah. Three. I don’t think we have enough yet.

I mentioned one of the dogs was ill before didn’t I? Blue had been to the vet a fair few times last week because he’d been vomiting and his stomach was in a lot of pain; each time he came back drugged up and so spaced he looked like he’d died. Seriously, the first time we brought him back he was on his back, his breathing slowed right down and his eyes rolled up into his head. Turns out, the painkillers he was given also contained a sedative and… well… we now know he reacts very strongly to sedatives. I had to carry him everywhere, it was sweet in a way, but also kinda silly. The next time, even though the dose was halved, he still ended up so spaced he couldn’t stand. I wonder what he was seeing while off his face like that? He kept staring very intently at the wall, maybe it was talking to him, or had pink elephants dancing on it? I had to save him from the evil fly later in the evening too, oh he’s so brave.

Oh yeah! A friend of mine got some 10 week old kittens the other day and I got to meet them! 😀 Man I love kittens. Here. Have a photo of them!

2013-10-26 17.14.25

My family used to breed cats, so we would sometimes have litters of kittens running around, I do miss them. I reckon I’ll get kittens again in the future :3

You know, I don’t know why, but I choose the worst times to think deep thoughts. Right before I go to sleep usually. The latest of these thoughts occurred as I was brushing my teeth a few days back; I recalled driving back from the woodland site where I had been collecting invertebrates for my University project, I had been eating a sandwich at the time (yes, yes I know, a silly thing to do). It got stuck in my throat. I was ok, swallowed a few times and dislodged it, everything was fine, but it so easily might not have been. Then, it got me thinking further, if the rule of Infinity applies – anything that can happen, will happen, has already happened and is happening right now – in another dimension or Universe, I did die that day, or at least the person representing me did. Either by choking and crashing the car, or getting too distracted and crashing etc. Scary thoughts before bed.

But enough of that.

Quote of the week: “Kittens are great chick magnets.” “Well yeah, look I’ve got two girls in my house right now!”

It’s true, kittens (or puppies, or anything else small & cute) are great ways to get a girl’s attention XD 

Oh. My. Goodness. The latest episode of Gogglebox was just on TV, it’s basically a program that records people in their living rooms while they watch TV; my family were watching it and I decided to have a look. The scene from X Factor where one of the contestants sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was playing, the song itself was really good, but the reactions of the various people just made us all laugh so much. Some were imitating the Titanic scene, others swaying, or mouthing the words, it just really amuses me what some people get up to haha XD  Oh and my sister just decided to sing the song in a very high pitched fashion, I think she stunned the gecko, the way he’s staring out the tank at us. Either that or he wants to come out. Hmm. Maybe I should stop writing and take him out for a while 🙂


That’s all for now!


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